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[ interior inspo via Eaton DC hotel ]


The first week of the ORC has flown by, and not only is this post late (had every intention of posting Thursday morning), it’s also a little light in content – at least in terms of appealing images! It’s that awkward stage of the project where you’re waiting on one or two key things before everything else can follow (for us, it’s waiting for the carpet install)…so it’s a bunch of hurry up and wait in terms of big-picture room design stuff.

Regardless, we’ve been busy with lots of prep work, finalizing plans, and apparently procuring lamps – my two faves from Brightech arrived on Saturday, and they’re just as awesome as I hoped they’d be. And then I found a real weirdo lamp on Craigslist that everyone hates but for some reason I SUPER love…which brings me to the “meat” of today’s post: the concept of owning my style and being true to who I am as I create this space for myself, my family, and everyone who stops in to share life with us.

I always second guess myself when bringing “deep thoughts” into the realm of home decor (the inner critic says “shush, Susie, people just want pretty pictures, they don’t want your soapbox”) but if there’s one thing I’ve learned on this crazy creative journey of mine, it’s that I can’t separate who I am from what I create. What’s inside of me comes out in the pictures I style, the rooms I arrange, the spaces I dream up…and I want to love and be proud of what’s inside of me, regardless of how weird or different or polarizing it might be. And even though decor is SUCH an extra/first-world/unnecessary/bonus aspect of life, it’s an expression of creativity for me. It’s my art, which makes it personal & vulnerable & beautiful & a little scary to put out there.

So when I scroll through the other ORC plans and see all the amazing varieties of bright and vibrant designs, most of which don’t include wood paneling and a lamp that looks like a grouping of alien eye-stalks, I feel a little timid and insecure and start second-guessing everything I’m planning. But then I remember that I can’t be anyone other than me, and if delicious wood paneling gets my heart racing (and I’m not even kidding, some of the pics I was scrolling through yesterday literally evoked a physiological response…I could feel my heart beat faster when I saw them and I couldn’t help but smile and squeal a little as I admired a gorgeous mid-century wood wall or a beautifully curved Milo Baughman chair) – then I gotta go with it. The wood elements used in the two images below just speak to me, and it makes me excited to use the lovely walls I’ve got and help them shine just a little more.

[ interior inspo via Brooke Holm and Regele Builders ]

With all of this in mind, I’m choosing the following quote (from one of my current favorite reads) for my mantra as we move forward with the project:

“Decide that you care more about creating your magic and pushing it out into the world than you do about how it will be received.”

Enough said, the paneling and alien lamp (and possible other weird elements) are here to stay, and I’ll be posting more progress pics when there’s actual physical progress to report! In the meantime, there’s a whole SLEW of talented designers and bloggers who are a million percent more professional and with it than I am, with way more progress to report and fun pics, too, so go check them out here or by clicking the link below!


  • It’s so strange that you thought that wood panelling would be a “weird” choice – I actually clicked over because of that Brooke Holm picture you chose (I LOVE those ceilings!). Looking forward to seeing the space (even if I am a big colour lover, ha!).

    • Susie says:

      Thanks so much Nicole!! And I definitely don’t think the wood paneling is weird myself, I’ve just gotten lots of “oooh I’d paint that” feedback on it over the years so I can feel a little insecure in my love for it, ha! 🙂

  • Emy says:

    My rooms never look like the other people’s. I like crayola bright hues in a sea of white. I’m okay with it, because I live here. White would look bad in this house because there is no light. Be you. I love that you’re keeping the paneling. It’s going to look amazing.

    • Susie says:

      Yes – we gotta stick with what we love and what we want to see around us!! Thanks for the support & encouragement, can’t wait to see your final results too!! 🙂

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