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I usually overthink things. So to help keep things real here, let’s start with a list of some of the things I love:

  • Jesus (who, let’s face it, I ultimately hold responsible for whatever you find here on my site or in me…the good stuff, that is)
  • my hubby, Scott Brown – that’s his handsomeness next to me here, just after we renewed our vows on our FIFTEENTH wedding anniversary last summer
  • family, friends, and people in general – I get energized and inspired by others and their lives and struggles and triumphs and stories
  • kiddos (see also: family, friends, and people in general) 
  • creating beautiful spaces & situations
  • houseplants (and more houseplants and more houseplants)
  • taking iPhone photos of said beautiful spaces and situations and houseplants
  • thrifting, bargain hunting, trash-picking, and repurposing all kinds of stuff
  • eating and/or making amazing food and sharing all of its amazingness with others
  • really good coffee 
  • being challenged and stretched and pushed further than I think I can go
  • spinning 
  • my fair city, Cleveland OH, and all it has to offer
  • silliness, sarcasm, jokes, weirdness

And then how about a list of things that are facts about me, some of little consequence, some of huge consequence, things that I may super love or kinda hate, things that don’t define me but are true about me:

  • my full-time day job is software consulting
  • two dear friends and I founded and run a small but incredibly delicious baking company (check it out if you want)
  • Scott & I have struggled with infertility for 13 years and are still on our journey towards parenthood – more on that in the blog.
  • I’m 35 and still swing between wondering if anyone likes me and thinking I’m better than everyone else (we’re working on this, but hey, FYI)
  • the state of our country and the world (and so many things that are currently in turmoil) stops me up sometimes, but I’m working on what it means to be whatever change I can be: to do what I do, the things that make me Susie Brown, in the best and most honest way I know how.
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