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No, the toilet pic here isn’t supposed to be a hangover reference, though I admit there are some aspects of this process that make me so nauseated I feel like hugging a toilet bowl. Bear with me. (If you must know…I chose this pic for this post because the lovely painted wallpaper in the botanical baño just celebrated her first birthday, and she’s still so excited about her debut on Design Sponge this past Monday…sorry, her words, not mine.) Thursday’s post about our infertility journey was a big one for me. SO, naturally, I’ve been thinking about it and dwelling on it and mulling it over and going crazy with the “yikes, you said that?”s and the “maybe you went a little too deep”s and, my personal favorite, “what on EARTH do they think of you now??” But being a longtime fan of Brené Brown, I recognize these thoughts for what…

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Guys, I’m so excited about this. I’ve followed design blogs for as long as they’ve existed, and always thought it would be the coolest to be featured on someone’s design blog….but to be featured on THIS particular blog is more than just a little crazy to me! Justina Blakeney and her amazing plant-filled, bohemian design empire, The Jungalow, are constant sources of inspiration to me (yes, you’ve noticed, I love plants, and it was definitely Justina’s work that first got me excited about bringing more greenery into our home several years ago). So when they said they’d like to feature our home on their blog, I pretty much died. But then I got back up, straightened up the house, grabbed one of my best girls Mel to take some photos, and the result is up on their blog as we speak! Go check it out if you haven’t yet!! It…

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My first TEST blog post. Which I’ll keep up for all time because it has plants and baskets and very little text substance. A good reference point to look at in a few months to see HOW MANY MORE WORDS I’ve started cranking out!

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