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How do you communicate something when words seem so inept and inappropriate? This is today’s conundrum, just added to the long list of how’s and why’s that have accumulated over the past few weeks. I want to talk about this – or feel like I NEED to talk about this – but it’s so impossible to express. 3-year-old Joey, a sweet little friend who we love so very much, is living out his last days. He’s been sick for a long time, and we’ve known these final days would come eventually, but knowing doesn’t prepare you for it. His parents, Sam and Sara, are dear friends of ours. They’re living a nightmare I can’t comprehend, and their story belongs to them. All I can do is share what belongs to me, how Joey’s journey is changing me and devastating me and healing me at every turn. When I wrote about…

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I’m not quite sure how to introduce a post like this. It’s tough to try to summarize our infertility struggle in a nice neat package you’ll want to read, so bear with me. I’ve imagined writing about this for years, and always thought it would be amazing and beautiful to tell the story of how we became parents, looking back at a long journey of waiting and hoping and praying, with our prayers finally answered. I’ve been excited to write that story, knowing it would all be worth it by then. But this isn’t that story – that story isn’t our story, at least not yet. We are looking back on a long journey of waiting and hoping and praying, but that journey stretches out ahead of us, too. Our prayers haven’t been answered yet.  I hate that infertility is such a meaningful word to us. I hate that we’re…

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This post has a lot to do with deeper thoughts, but it also relates to my process in decor and design so hear me out. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the things that make us “US” – the processes and facts and influences that inform who we are as individuals.  When I look back on my 35 lived years, there are most of the usual external highlights – school, significant relationships, marriage, moves, jobs, etc.  But when I think about who I am at the core, what makes me tick & what I think about & what I feel, it’s the “lowlights”, the struggles or conflicts of my life, that have carved out so much of what makes me me.  And I have a feeling you can probably relate – because the more people I talk to at a soul level, and the more church services and spin classes I go to,…

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Like so many people, I’m always worried/thinking about what others think about me. I used to pretend I didn’t do this, so not only did I worry/think about it, but then I worried/thought about what people would think if they KNEW I worried/thought about what they thought about me –  especially in terms of my social media activity. Urgh. So you can imagine the convoluted thoughts I’d have when interacting with people on whatever social media platform du jour.  (If you want the detailed run-down, let’s grab coffee for five hours and I’ll tell you alllll about it.) Suffice it to say I hated my struggle, and still battle way more than I should with the whole ‘ugh she’s gonna think I’m showing off if I post this’ or ‘OMG what if no one likes my photo and everyone thinks I’m a loser’ or ‘did I like and comment enough…

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