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SO EXCITED TO POST THIS! My first One Room Challenge is officially in the books. It’s been a rough past few days but we made it through to the end; the family room refresh is complete & the entire family is in love! Many of you thought I was crazy to take this on with a full time job and a 4.5 month old (and I admit, I didn’t factor in teething, itchy baby eczema, and sleep regression), and you were all correct. I was crazy. Definitely could not have done it without tons of help and support. But this room is crazy, too – crazy GOOD, and crazy affordable thanks to lots of lucky thrifting, talented friends, and sponsored (FREE) furniture beauties!

In case you’re just joining in, here’s a quick recap, with links to the first 5 weeks’ posts if you care to peruse. Long story short, our most-used room in the house, the family room, is small, has limited natural light, and is clad in gorgeous wood paneling that’s lovely to look at but makes the room feel dark and cave-like most of the time. My goal was to use as many elements as I (affordably) could to lighten the room without painting/replacing the beautiful wood. You can check out the details of our progress here:


 WEEK 3 | WEEK 4 | WEEK 5

I was fortunate enough to work with a few amazing companies for this project, and couldn’t be happier with how all the elements work together in the final product. Interior Define provided the gorgeous sofa (the “Charly” – designed by Chris Loves Julia and custom made to my specifications; it was SUCH a dream to work with them – more in a dedicated post later), Brightech sent over two of my dream lamps, Textiles By Jennjude worked with me to create a few of the gorgeous pillows, and Be Our Gast provided the beautiful brass candelabra that takes the coffee table situation over the top.

So if you’ll recall, we started here (a dark space with yellowy-tan carpet that was a bit gross, came with the house, and didn’t do the room any favors):

And now, we’re here:

Ahhh….SO MUCH BETTER! And I’m sure everyone’s gonna think I’m nuts to have both white-ish carpet and a white sofa with a new little boy in the house, but my motto is that I’d rather live with a space I love and have it get ruined than live in a space I don’t love and have it get ruined. HA!

The happiest part of the room to me is how much Scott loves it. Like legit LOVES it. He keeps walking through it and saying “I gotta say Sus, I really had my doubts with all of your plans, but it just feels SO SO good in here and I’m so impressed” – or something to that effect. And my goal is always to create spaces that are true to my style but also nurture and envelop my loved ones in the best way possible…so, mission accomplished!

Let’s take a look at how closely we were able to stick to the plan. For reference, here’s the moodboard I created at the beginning of the ORC:

And I did a little tweaking to bring things into line with our plan for the walls as they unfolded (believe me, Scott and I went back and forth in a million different directions before deciding on the faux-brick bump out, and he had his doubts even as he was building it for me. SO GLAD it turned out the way I envisioned it!). The only thing I didn’t have time to do was paint the french doors to match the brick…I’m hoping to do that in the future but it’s also fine if it doesn’t happen.

And then the real deal – pretty darn close, kids!

As far as details go, I know you’re all dying to see what I did with the crazy alien lamp that I found on Marketplace and posted to my stories…wasn’t sure it would make it into the final design and it almost didn’t…because nothing ever goes the way we think it will! I thought I could just unscrew the weird floral/bell bulb covers and replace with some nice round bulbs and voila, instant upgrade! But no, the bulb covers were part of the lamp design, made of clay/cement/pottery like the rest of the lamp and not at all removable, so I started cracking away at one of them with a pair of pliers to chip it off piece by piece…and ugh, I’m on the right track, but with such limited time, I wasn’t able to get the lamp where I wanted it to be. So I TOTALLY cheated and photoshopped 3 bulbs in so it looks like the end product I’m expecting to have once I have a little more time. That might be completely illegal, I’m not sure. I have no idea. But since it’s just a completely wacko detail element, I figured you guys wouldn’t mind. (Also side note, I initially went to look at the posting because the table below it was for sale too…the lady threw in the lamp for free when I purchased the table, and I thought sure I’d remove the glass and use the table in my final design…but didn’t end up having the perfect spot for it.)

And all the rest of the details…I thrifted most things or shopped my home, the only things actually paid for new were the carpet and the two wooden hand sculptures (any other new items were sponsored as listed above). #blessed

Also – the coffee table!! If you read week 4, you know I found the killer-est of killer deals on THE EXACT BURLWOOD BEAUTY I WANTED and then it slipped out of my hands as I watched in complete disappointment…so when I found this lovely babe on FB Marketplace for $40, I was NOT mad about it. Definitely not the same thing, but she still looks dang good.

So let’s look at more deets and angles:

So, YAY! Done. First ORC under my belt, and now that I know what I’m getting myself into…I’d definitely do it again! Nothing like the accountability of something like this to get a project across the finish line. Huge thanks to Linda and Better Homes & Gardens for hosting this Fall 2018 Challenge, and thank you to all the amazing designers and bloggers challenging themselves right along with me – your inspiration and support has been invaluable!

Speaking of the rest of the ORC…don’t forget to check out all the AMAZING reveals posted by all the featured and guest designers, listed here! So much design-y goodness happening this week. And now this mama is off to bed. Fingers crossed the baby lets us sleep tonight!


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