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Yikes. Five weeks has flown by and I gotta be honest, Mama is TIRED. I knew when I signed up for the One Room Challenge that it would be a lot to manage even a simple room redo with everything going on, but factoring in a very itchy and sleepless four & a half month old with eczema has taken away so much of our energy & made this a heck of a stretch for us. Milo is definitely first priority, and normally I’d just let a project like this wait until we’re all in a better place, but free stuff means deadlines so we’re in it to win it, sleep or no sleep!

The good news is – this past week was huge! The three biggest “brightening” elements are officially in place – the new carpet, the gorgeous new Interior Define sofa, and my crazy hare-brained faux wall (which is almost done – just need to finish up some caulking and painting).

Since carpet and sofa are self-explanatory, I’ll just give some details on this “faux wall” situation. The conflict between wanting to keep the gorgeous wood paneling and the need for a brighter space got me brainstorming on ways to “paint” at least some of the paneling white…without actually painting it. Since I love rooms with architectural interest, I decided to create a semi-permanent section of wall in the center of the room that essentially mimics a wide brick chimney bump-out. My sweet hubby took every tiny detail I gave him and created a floating frame for some faux brick paneling, attaching it to the wall with only a few strong nails in the event we ever want to take it down and have the original paneling exposed there again.

We started with a LOT of measuring…this would’ve been a MUCH simpler operation if we didn’t have to build around the ceiling beams! These are two 4’x8′ sheets of faux brick paneling from Lowe’s, cut down to size and notched to fit the beams:

(We also did a LOT of discussing to figure out the mechanics of how to hang them & what would look best)

Scott just cut and assembled everything in the room, since we’d cleared the space to prep for carpet removal/replacement.

We left the bottom open for a few reasons: 1) to leave the vent open & give us options on how to redirect the venting once we configured furniture, 2) so the carpet would be installed as if there were no faux wall there (in case we remove it in the future), and 3) to give us a little more wiggle room in measurements so we didn’t have to wedge anything in. I’m planning to put the sofa in front of it so we won’t see the bottom anyway, but we plan to put thicker base molding around the bottom once we decide on the vent situation.

BYEEEE old carpet and weird pink padding (and interesting laminate faux-parquet floors underneath!)

Oh heyyyy soft new pretty pretty carpet!

And of course I had to snap a pic of our sofa delivery. #furniturenerd

FINALLY we’re looking so much brighter in here, and it actually seems like there’s light at the end of the tunnel! Painting the “brick” is next, then final tweaks to furniture, art, and accessories, and I think we may actually be done in time for Thursday’s ORC deadline!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the ORC participants as they join me in the final push to get things done this coming week! Good luck to all my fellow challengers (I’m assuming most of you guys had your week 5 posts up on Thursday as scheduled…not late on Saturday night like Sleepless in Cleveland over here) – can you believe we’re in the home stretch already?? Here’s to finishing strong – and the hope of at least a few hours of sleep tonight!



  • Mary says:

    Susie, this was a genius idea! Going with the brick panels made such a difference. I was always on team paneling, but I can see the difference in bringing in a different texture & the brightness it’s adding.
    Your new sofa & carpet has lightened up the space so much also. Don’t you love that “new carpet” smell? It’s right up there with the smell of a new car.
    I’m in the market for a new sofa. Since I’m close to Chicago I should check out Interior Define.
    I hope you eventually find a solution for Milo. An unhappy baby makes for an unhappy mama.

  • Deb says:

    You are so clever, maybe I can do a light paneling over my sapele mahogany paneling over my stone fireplace. It does make for a darker room, and I don’t want to paint the mahogany. Thank you so much for the idea!

    Have you tried Mom’s Stuff? For the baby? The maker Lee is a friend of mine. I have been using it for 20 + years for rashes, insect bites, dry patches, rough gardening/cleaning hands, etc.
    Also in India where the water isnt always pure, mammas clean their babies with oil on cotton pads. Coconut oil is liquid at body temperature, I used it for years to remove make up and clean my face. I was a nanny in Switzerland and the Hamptons and would certainly try these in a situation like you are facing. Coconut oil has soothing properties.
    Also my washer has a double rinse option, if yours does try that with clothes and bedding. Can’t hurt and might help. Best of luck!

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