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November 2018


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SO EXCITED TO POST THIS! My first One Room Challenge is officially in the books. It’s been a rough past few days but we made it through to the end; the family room refresh is complete & the entire family is in love! Many of you thought I was crazy to take this on with a full time job and a 4.5 month old (and I admit, I didn’t factor in teething, itchy baby eczema, and sleep regression), and you were all correct. I was crazy. Definitely could not have done it without tons of help and support. But this room is crazy, too – crazy GOOD, and crazy affordable thanks to lots of lucky thrifting, talented friends, and sponsored (FREE) furniture beauties! In case you’re just joining in, here’s a quick recap, with links to the first 5 weeks’ posts if you care to peruse. Long story short, our most-used room in…

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Yikes. Five weeks has flown by and I gotta be honest, Mama is TIRED. I knew when I signed up for the One Room Challenge that it would be a lot to manage even a simple room redo with everything going on, but factoring in a very itchy and sleepless four & a half month old with eczema has taken away so much of our energy & made this a heck of a stretch for us. Milo is definitely first priority, and normally I’d just let a project like this wait until we’re all in a better place, but free stuff means deadlines so we’re in it to win it, sleep or no sleep! The good news is – this past week was huge! The three biggest “brightening” elements are officially in place – the new carpet, the gorgeous new Interior Define sofa, and my crazy hare-brained faux wall (which…

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