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Week 4 of the One Room Challenge is here, and I’ve got a bit of practical progress to share, as well as some thoughts on – how’d you guess? – distractions and disappointments. Since I don’t have a great image depicting these terms, I’m throwing it back to one of my OG wood paneling pics to show how I originally convinced myself that this wood was too good to paint over or get rid of.  And dear sweet Jerry the giraffe is always a crowd pleaser, even if he HAS retired to the basement at the moment for an indefinite sabbatical. So back to the ORC. In terms of practical progress, NO, I don’t have any fun alien lamp progress to show you cuz #didnthappen. BUT, we did get the carpet issue worked out and installation is happening next week HOLLA, and we got a finalization on the sofa delivery which will be the day after carpet goes in next week so ALSO HOLLA! And like I said last week, I work best under a little pressure so I’ve got no doubts that we’ll have at least something fun to share on the final reveal day.

Now about those distractions and disappointments.

DISTRACTIONS: I’ve been having some “intentionality convos” with a friend about my “why” as it pertains to overall creative efforts and dreams and personal goals…and if I’ve learned anything through the course of these conversations it’s this: I’m very easily distracted by others’ creativity, often to the detriment of my own creative efforts. Case in point, literally right after typing that sentence I got distracted by the link-up page for the ORC and started browsing through the other projects even though I’ve given myself ONLY 10 MINUTES to finish this post. But what happened when I was scrolling is exactly what I want to call attention to – I started getting new and fun ideas from the other designers and started second-guessing and re-thinking my own plans…which isn’t always a bad thing per se, but it sure gets in the way of productivity and accomplishing goals! And obviously as a new mom, time is extremely precious, so any time I DO have to commit to creative efforts (news flash – it’s not a lot!!) I really want to be able use wisely and actually CREATE instead of just consuming more content and inspiration. So this is really just an introduction to the topic I’ve been chewing on lately, and I’ll probably dive more into it later…but suffice it to say if I’m gonna get this ORC finished I gotta keep my head down and just get it done!

DISAPPOINTMENTS: As many of you know, the world of bargain hunting and thrift shopping can be pretty exciting, and by exciting I mean IT’S A FRIGGIN EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER okay?! One of the things I loooove about a good Craigslist deep-dive is the thrill of seeing something so unique and amazing that ALSO comes with a $10 price tag or some ridiculous price like that. And while I absolutely respect the idea of investing in good pieces that are worth investing in, I’m definitely a thrift vs. vintage girl, if you know what I mean. To me, half the appeal of a killer vintage piece is finding it hiding away in a dark and blurry picture and listed for the tiniest fraction of the price it’s worth. So you can understand, then, why I had a much more thrifty DIY option in mind when I included this fabulous burl wood Milo Baughman coffee table ($1,900.00 on Chairish) in my room mockup.

And you can also understand the complete INSANITY that ensued when I found literally THE EXACT TABLE on Craigslist for $125 (my coffee table budget is $100, tbh, so $25 over was technically doable)!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL OMG PEOPLE!! The most amazing thrift thrill ever, even if it was a 5 hour drive from us.

And obviously since this is listed under the topic of disappointments, you already know that somehow this wasn’t meant to be. I messaged the woman, she responded, we went back and forth and she casually mentioned she still really likes it and isn’t really trying too hard to sell it (I mean come on, don’t toy with my heart like this!!), and I responded saying I’d love to drive out to come take a look at it but would need to have some kind of reassurance that it’ll still be available when I make the 5 hour drive out to her…and…crickets. No response. No nothing. I send a super friendly and not annoying follow up message, still nothing. And since to me, if you don’t actually say “no”, it’s still a possibility, I’ve continued to send short little check-in messages each week. But no response. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to let it go, move on, and find something else. But ohhhhh the disappointment!! And you know I wouldn’t be even a tiny bit this disappointed if I’d never found it for cheap in the first place – I know better than to hope for that! But when I DID find it….gah. You get the point.

So it’s back to the drawing board for the coffee table, and while I have a few options I’m looking at, AND am trusting that this unicorn table just isn’t meant for me for some reason, I’m still hella bummed that it didn’t work out.

(SIDE NOTE: If by some stretch you happen to know the table and/or the person I’m talking about…help me out here friends!!)

Gonna leave it at that for this week, despite the distractions and disappointments we ARE making progress, and I’m really excited to see how things come together at the last minute. In the meantime, wish me luck on the coffee table hunt, and go peep the other ORC projects that are coming together…so much good stuff happening!


  • Emy says:

    Yes to everything! I get the distractions. But I also know my own minuscule budget and even tinier time allowance for projects. I get the thrift vs vintage. There are amazing vintage shops all around me. If budget was no option… But I get a bigger thrill from rescuing a tulip table for $30 than spending a ton on a nicer, more authentic one.
    And thrift disappointment, I get. I have a vintage booth, so I buy a ton of furniture. There’s seller’s regret. And also finding an awesome deal that falls through and crushes my soul. Luckily I buy a lot, so it doesn’t last long.
    Can’t wait to see your room. I love the desk set up with the giraffe. Very fun.

  • Jenn Meyers says:

    Awwww. I HATE when I am heartbroken while bargain hunting. I try not to get too terribly attached, but sometimes you find that perfect thing and someone swipes it out from under you. I am so sorry! Your space will look amazing regardless though 🙂

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