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Well friends, if you thought last week was light in content, you’ll love this week. We are SUPER light in content this week, and by that I mean we’re focusing on getting that room brightness at max exposure wherever we can, using every trick in the book.

Some of these tricks include:

1. ALL the mirrors

2. Lamps lamps and more lamps

3. Get rid of shady stuff

4. Go back and forth a million times on where to judiciously use a little white/light paint…

You can see what I mean about mirrors and lamps in this glamour shot here:

Getting rid of shady stuff was a fun step for Scott this week. The french doors at the front of the room lead to a little covered porch on the far end of the front of our house. We’ve primarily used it for storing wood, and the sizable stacks of wood have been blocked from street view by a trellis/trumpet vine situation that was here when we bought the house. If you squint you can see the dark bushiness that is the trumpet vine in full summer volume in the picture below:

While it camouflaged the wood pile nicely & added some nice privacy, it also made that porch very shaded, and consequently made the front of the family room hella dark even at high noon. Since we decided we didn’t need the wood stash to be as big as it was, and neither of us had ever been in love with the trumpet vine, we decided to remove it, along with the trellis, to bring more light to the french doors.

I blinked and he had the vine down, and during Milo’s next nap he finished removing everything while I supervised with my camera.

So much better, right? (If you ignore the spots that need some cleaning and paint touch-up, obviously.) And the best part is the brightness that’s now streaming into the french doors…makes me so happy!

As for the paint factor, the current plan is to paint the french doors white as well as install a section of not-truly-permanent drywall which will also be painted white, bringing more of that coveted lightness into the room. More details on this next week, but just so you get the idea:

Obviously the french doors aren’t on the sofa wall as shown here, but we’re just getting an idea here, people.

Other things of note now that two weeks have flown by with what seems like only the tiniest bit of progress:

  1. We’ve had some confusion/indecisiveness/incorrect estimates with the carpet situation, so that’s still unfolding, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed we’ll get it installed in time.
  2. Milo is 4 months old & we’ve got day jobs, which is why we’re not doing anything crazy like a bathroom or kitchen…but also why most of the elements of the room will come together all at once at the end. Trying to conserve energy and not have to move things around more than needed, which means no fun in-person mock-ups of the room til a little later, friends.
  3. I’m really a procrastinator at heart – and I do my best work under pressure, not ahead of time. I’m working on this since it’s becoming increasingly less practical to fly by the seat of my pants, but it’s still there, and it’s definitely gonna be a factor in this ORC!

That’s it for this week’s updates…see you all next week when I’m hoping to show you some alien-lamp modifications, HOLLA! Don’t forget to check out all the other amazing ORC participants by clicking the logo below…there’s some REAL good stuff happening in homes all over the country!


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