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I’ve posted about our family room before, so if you’ve been around for a while, you know it’s got some “unique” characteristics that tend to inspire a love/hate reaction. The wood paneling is gorgeous, solid, and….well…not for everyone, the room only has technically ZERO windows, and the floor currently sports a nice yellowy-tan wall to wall carpet situation. So I’m forever trying to dream up ways to brighten and lighten the room without going for the nuclear option of painting all the gorgeous wood white! The idea of a lighter sofa was appealing, since it’s the largest piece of furniture in the room, and we’ve been talking about replacing the carpet since we moved in, so when I found out Interior Define was interested in a collaboration, I jumped at the chance to get this room in a happier, brighter state. And call me crazy, but when I found out that the Fall One Room Challenge would be going on about the exact same time we’d be working on the family room, I thought why not? (Yes, I hear half of you saying I’ll tell you why not!! New baby, crazy busy full time job, a million side projects, a super busy fall, etc!!  – but the other half of you know that I’m typically my most productive during my busiest seasons, so YES, it’s happening. I think.)

Speaking of busy – let’s get down to it. Here’s the deal – we’re not blowing any walls out or vaulting the ceiling (though both are on my list for someday), just attempting to bring more bright, clean elements into the space, replace the carpet, rethink the arrangement, and possibly add a window or two, but not sure that will fit into the timeline. Let’s start with the inspiration board here:


We’re leaving the gorgeous wood walls, but getting creative with some features to help brighten the space. I’m not quite sure how to describe the feel/style of it, but it’s a vibrant quasi-neutral space with a masculine bent & some eclectic midcentury vintage elements thrown in. As I usually do, I’m incorporating plenty of thrifted/craigslisted items as well as many elements we already own, and I’m extra stoked to be working with my girl Jen on some custom pillows she and I are designing together for the project. I’ve got a few other possibilities in the works so we’ll see what all we end up with!

Obviously since this is a makeover/refresh…we have to start with the as-is state, so let’s feast our eyes on some of these dark, shadowy pics. I went all out and left every single piece of mess and clutter exactly where it was so the before vs. after can be even that much more exciting, ha!

So I’m a little nervous to see if I can pull all of this together in less than 6 weeks, but we won’t know til we try, huh? Consider this my plea for accountability in getting it DONE, and if it’s gorgeous at the end, all the better!

If you love watching rooms transform, make sure you check out the amazing featured ORC designers for this round here, and you can catch the updates of all my fellow guest participants here. See you guys back here next Thursday for the next update on our process!


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