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If you follow me on Instagram (and lets face it, you’re reading this because you clicked here from my IG post or story), you’ve probably seen a peek or two of Milo’s nursery…and if so, you may or may not have seen THIS GORGEOUS WALL HANGING that’s keeping diligent watch over all of his poopy diapers. It’s one of my favorite elements in the room, and it’s even better in person than in pictures!

I was so thrilled to be able to collaborate with the talented Sarah Harste, a fiber artist from nearby Columbus, OH, who worked with me to create a custom piece perfect for his room. The process was so easy from start to finish, and I thought I’d share a little bit of my experience with you guys in case you’re interested in a gorgeous one-of-a-kind piece for your home.

In our initial discussion, Sarah and I talked about the type of weaving I was imagining for the space. I knew I was looking for a statement piece to hang above his dresser/changing table, and I wanted something with enough heft to pair well with the chunky brutalist dresser style I was hoping and planning for. With that in mind, we decided on the dimensions of the piece as well as opting for a landscape-oriented rectangle instead of portrait-oriented.

Next, Sarah asked for any inspiration photos I had, and she had me decide on colors as specifically as I could get (I sent her Pantone chip screenshots so we could get the colors as close as possible).

Once the dimensions and colors were decided on, we started discussing the style of the piece. I sent Sarah a few photos of wall hangings I’d seen, and used pictures of her own work to pinpoint the different characteristics I liked and those I didn’t want. She does absolutely beautiful macrame work, but since I was looking for something with a significant visual weight to it, we decided the piece would be all roving (the poofy stuff, I didn’t know the name of it until we started the process!) with no macrame/knots in it.

From there, Sarah just took the ball and ran with it! I knew she was the expert, so I trusted her completely and was excited to see how she’d interpret everything we discussed. AND, as you can see, she completely nailed it! I absolutely love every aspect of it SO much more than I even thought I would! It’s gorgeous, looks absolutely perfect in his nursery, and it’s the softest puffiest thing which makes me even happier. I think I mentioned an Instagram post that I like to reach up and pet it while I am changing Milo’s diaper, it soothes and calms me when he’s making his way through the third diaper of the changing session or peeing into his ear like he did the other day. So really, it’s a therapeutic tool as well as a gorgeous piece of custom fiber art, ha.

Suffice it to say I’m in love, and I can’t recommend Sarah’s work highly enough!

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