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In my mind, a good before and after post has lots of nice photos, not too many words, and a very satisfying difference between the yucky before and the fabulous after. So….I’m thinking this is probably a MEDIUM-good before and after post. I don’t have any great pics of the true before, the after isn’t CRAZY different than the before, and I’m very likely to say way too much. So I’m sorry in advance. That said, let’s take a peek at what we had to start off with, yes? Yes. And by yes, I mean – here’s a super blurry shot of just a peek into the bathroom, showing the existing green wallpaper (which was honestly pretty fab in my mind, kind of a taffeta-ish fabric situation with some textural marbling which is almost impossible to see here – you’re welcome), a nice medley of whites and creams fighting each other via…

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