By February 19, 2017Art, Our Home

First of all, I’ve got the most amazing friends. Each piece here (except for the thrifted Terminal Tower photo in the center) was created by a woman I know and love. From the black and white portrait of Scott & me (by Melody Taylor), to the blue and green abstract on the left (by Addie Chmura), to the abstract in the center and the painting of women with yellow background (both by Lauren Noel), to every last remaining botanical, animal, and portrait painting (all by Rachel Dewey), each piece reminds me of the woman who dreamed it up, and the wall as a whole makes me smile every time I see it.

Secondly, can we talk about the color here? SO YUMMY. I love that the pieces of art are so varied, but still form a gorgeous, cohesive gallery wall. The beautiful bird of paradise plant (from my local favorite, Lakewood Plant Company) and vintage bentwood cafe chair don’t hurt either.

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