By February 18, 2017Art, Our Home

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re already familiar with Jerry Brown the Giraffe.  But if you missed those posts and want to know a little more about him, this blurb is for you.

First of all – his origin story. I dreamed him up when we moved into our current home, shortly after Scott informed me that no, we wouldn’t be painting this beautifully maintained, high-quality, original, not-a-knot-in-sight oak paneling – at least not for a year. He’s a big fan of living with things for a while before making rash decisions, a charming trait that’s heavily influenced my decorating style. I knew I wanted to lighten the room up, so I planned for judicious use of mirrors and as much white/bright art as I could manage. Jerry started out as an experiment, when I figured I’d try to find a huge piece of white poster paper and just hang it up.  A few design sessions later, I ended up with his handsome portrait on a nice white background, found a large format printer, glued some dowels on the top and bottom, and boom.

Second, the name Jerry was given to him by one of our mini-besties (several years ago when she was 2 and a half or so), and whenever I imagine her serious little face informing me that “his name is Jerry, NOT Jeffrey”, I die a little cuz her flair for the dramatic just kills me.

Third, he’s “Jerry Brown the Giraffe” because my father-in-law’s name is also Jerry Brown, and we hate to confuse the two.

Fourth, I’ve finally made him available for purchase here on my site, so he can come make your home a little happier too. Check out my shop page for more info!

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